Silkscreen printing is another popular method of personalized tote bags. This method allows you to select any color and fabric material for your customised tote bag singapore. Silkscreen printing is ideal for companies that require multiple colors of their logo or want a low minimum order. But if you're looking for something more permanent, embroidery is the way to go. The design is created using thread and looks distinctly different from a silkscreen print. Embroidered logos usually feature a solid color company logo.
If you're interested in designing your own tote bag, consider printing it on a cotton canvas material. Cotton tote bags are popular in Singapore, and you'll find many companies there that offer custom designs. Silkscreen printing allows you to match corporate logos and pantone colours. But the downside is that other print methods may not reproduce the design exactly as you have envisioned them.
If you'd like a full-surface design, you should consider heat-transfer printing. This process uses heat to transfer an image from the print material to the canvas. It is more expensive, but it also gives the bag a very prominent texture that can be seen in real-life. It's also suitable for tote bags made from cotton canvas that are thin or moderate in thickness. But it's best to avoid heat transfer printing for a high-quality tote bag.
How to Print a Customised Tote Bag in Singapore
Printed tote bags have long been a staple of corporate marketing, and they are the perfect way to make a visual statement. You can also order a customized tote bag with your company logo to make it even more unique. TREA offers a wide variety of tote bags and various printing options to suit your needs. From high-quality tote bags made of high-quality materials to stylish ones decorated with attractive graphics, you're sure to find the perfect bag for your business or brand.

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